Proceedings XXXIV


The principles of operation of liquid rocket engine on gaseous oxygen – kerosene, in which combustion is performed in the transverse detonation waves, continuously circulating in a circle in the annular combustion chamber.

Proceedings XXXIV
Creation and study of stand oxygen-kerosene detonation rocket engine.
I.A. Arbuzov, E.A. Belov, P.S. Levochkin, S.S. Markin, E.N. Romasenko, B.L. Satovsky, V.L. Solntsev, V.A. Soloviev, L.E. Sternin, A.N. Ushkov, V.K. Chvanov

Structure of propellant components mixing in combustion chamber of liquid rocket engine (review).
A.S. Kiselev

Projects of auto adjustable on flight altitude propulsion systems with pin nozzles of advanced launch vehicles.
V.K. Chvanov, Ia.P. Grishko, A.E. Denisov, P.S. Levochkin, B.V. Lopatin, V.M. Nizovtsev, N.B. Ponomarev, L.E. Sternin, V.E. Shirshov

Diagnostic models of liquid rocket engines.
D.S. Martirosov, S.S. Kamenskii, V.T. Bukanov

Numerical and experimental analysis of working processes in liquid rocket engine pressure stabilizer.
D.R. Demurchian, E.V. Krapivnykh, E.N. Popov

Experimental study of laser ignition of oxygen-kerosene in oxidizer-rich preburner of liquid rocket engine.
E.A. Belov, A.V. Bykov, D.I. Dubovik, N.G. Ivanov, V.Yu. Klimov, P.S. Levochkin, E.N. Romasenko

Cylindrical heat exchanger of RD120 engine of "Zenit" launch vehicle.
O.G. Klyueva

Account of thermal deformation of stator of turbine at control of axial load of angular contact ball bearing of common shaft of oxidizer pump with turbine.
Y.I. Canalin, N.P. Poletaev, S.A. Skibin, I.A. Chernysheva

Emergency protection of thrust vector control system of modern LRE.
A.F. Saetov, I.S. Barashkov

About selection and improvement of seals of turbines of turbopump of LRE.
A.I. Dmitrenko, A.V. Ivanov

About assembly of LRE tpu stator housing for brazing.
A.B. Aminov, K.E. Dubrovsky, K.D. Polianchik

Assessment of impact of destabilizing factors on accuracy of adjustment of adaptive algorithms of on-board system of emergency protection of LRE.
I.S. Barashkov, I.B. Davydov

Development of design measures with the aim of improving reliability and efficiency of rotation frequency sensors of turbopump rotor.
V.P. Vasilkov, E.N. Romasenko, E.V. Samonov, B.I. Filippov

Experimental estimation of energy characteristics of RD171М, RD-180, RD-191, RD181 engines versus pressure in combustion chamber.
A.N. Kolymagin, V.K. Medvedev, A.I. Kolbasenkov

Experimental estimation of energy characteristics of RD171М, RD-180, RD-191, RD181 engines versus propellant mixture ratio in chamber.
A.N. Kolymagin, V.K. Medvedev, A.I. Kolbasenkov

Features of application of electromagnetic-acoustic (EMA) method of strain gauges at control of tightening force of screw connections of LRE.
V.T. Bobrov, V.M. Bobrenko, A.V. Gulshin, V.V. Lebedev

Automated luminescent endoscopic control of hard-to-reach cavities.
A.S. Vasiliev, V.A. Kaloshin, A.S. Machikhin, A.M. Perfilov, V.E. Pozhar, K.A. Tikhomirov

Problems of creating applied software of modern information and measuring systems for test stands of liquid rocket engine units.
G.I. Marin

The digital revolution and qualification of personnel.
N.A. Egorenkova, V.A. Smetanin

Development of technology for brazing chambers of domestic liquid rocket engines.
V.F. Rakhmanin

History of participation of NPO Energomash in international aviation and space exhibition salons.
V.S. Sudakov, S.A. Kolinova

N.N. Pryadkin, veteran of NPO Energomash